Rebecca Nicholl, 23 May 2016 IMG_7068

Rebecca Nicholl gives us a taste of life as a copywriter at an agency…

Leif Kendall, 18 May 2016 Mistico by

Copywriters have the opportunity to be the customers’ champion, defending them from confusing messaging and empty brand verbiage.

Anna Gunning, 13 May 2016

Anna Gunning shares some brilliant strategies for dealing with clients who want more empty words and hype in the copy you’ve written…

LCoull, 09 May 2016 IA

Laura Coull suggests that copywriters should be more involved in other aspects of website development, including information architecture (IA)…

Anna Gunning, 06 May 2016 Tools for copywriters

Listen to this episode of the Hot Copy Podcast to hear about 10 apps and tools that can help copywriters do their job.

How PCN plans to support copywriters like you

Leif Kendall
06 May 2016

An update on PCN and how we plan to help copywriters of all shapes and sizes.

On going freelance and facing fears

Jessica Neill
29 Apr 2016

Jessica Neill discusses the challenges of going freelance, and committing to something that can feel risky…

Video games writing: it’s not all in the game

John Featherstone
25 Apr 2016

What does a video game writer do? John Featherstone explains all…

Rebooting radio writing – D&AD New Blood Awards

Vikki Ross
21 Apr 2016

Vikki Ross shares news of the D&AD New Blood Awards – and her hopes for the future of radio advertising.

When slogans do what they say on the tin

Kady Potter
18 Apr 2016

How many of the slogans we know and love can be taken seriously? Kady Potter picks some of the best-known brand straplines and puts them to the test.