Caroline Holmes, 24 Jun 2016 pen-1232355_1920

Creating content for clients? Caroline Holmes has some great ideas to help you take the pain out of publishing articles and social media updates.

Anna Gunning, 22 Jun 2016

How does PCN membership benefit copywriters? Anna Gunning shares her experiences of finding clients and getting support from PCN.

Andy Nattan, 21 Jun 2016 meatloaf

Will you write anything for anyone? Or are there any forbidden industries that you just won’t touch?

Lynne Gowers, 16 Jun 2016 _9352

Lynne Gowers suggests simple changes that can make you a more environmentally-friendly copywriter.

Helen Keevy, 13 Jun 2016 9781911129868

Helen Keevy reviews the second installment in John Simmon’s trilogy of business writing books.

Membership fees from 1 July 2016

Leif Kendall
08 Jun 2016

From the 1 July 2016, Basic membership will cost £3 per month. Existing members get 6 months for free!

Book review – Dark angels: How writing releases creativity at work

Anna Gunning
03 Jun 2016

Anna Gunning reviews John Simmons’ book and discovers how copywriters can remove the shackles that limit our creativity.

Writing for work: why don’t students know that copywriting is a viable career?

Peter Rylands
02 Jun 2016

Peter Rylands questions why copywriting is unrepresented at university job fairs, and why so many graduates are unaware that copywriting is a viable career.

Copywriting life lessons from Bryan Adams

Ben Lloyd
31 May 2016

What can copywriters learn from Bryan Adams? Ben Lloyd goes looking for inspiration in the songs and career of the Canadian dad-rock superstar.

When copywriters need to step back and let the work breathe

Jessica Neill
25 May 2016

Jessica Neill ruminates on creativity – and how copywriters can benefit from a little time and space…