Tom Albrighton


27 April 2012

Sales Letters That Sell by Drayton Bird

Sooner or later, every copywriter gets asked to write a sales letter.

And it’s a tough gig: getting the reader to continue right to the end of a letter they never asked for, about something they perhaps never thought about before.

Bird, the grand old man of UK direct marketing, works through all the essentials of writing a sales letter, from salutation to signoff. He covers assessing the competition, developing the brief, research, taking the customer’s perspective, writing style and much more – all in his brusque, irreverent style.

An essential read if you want to write effective direct mail.

What do you think?

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Martin Williams

June 22, 2012 at 11:03am

Agreed Tom, essential.

Here’s another to add to the list, if only for the chapter titled ‘The Magic Word that Can Make You Rich’ 🙂

‘Direct mail copy that sells’ by Herschell Gordon

Old skool, but like ‘Sales Letters That Sell’ full of relevant insight.

The magic word? Maybe I shouldn’t spoil the surprise.