30 Jun 2012

Review of ‘Just My Type: A Book About Fonts’ by Simon Garfield.

28 Jun 2012

“It’s getting better for writers generally, especially in the design and branding field. The value of words is appreciated much more than it was 10 years ago. Tone of voice has become a proper discipline, and writers are regarded with much greater respect than they used to be…”

26 Jun 2012

Should a copywriter be a specialist or a generalist?

Words in a book 26 Jun 2012

Keep your writing natural, but remember that a ‘crude-oil worker’ and a ‘crude oil worker’ mean very different things.

Mel Fenson 25 Jun 2012

“In 2007 I started writing online as a food blogger and followed that up with a diploma in journalism. I once cycled around the Arc de Triomphe for a travel piece which is probably the closest I’ll ever come to dying in the line of duty. I figured copywriting might be a safer career…”

"Fear" by WIlderdom from Flickr 22 Jun 2012

Is fear stopping you from going freelance?

Hands of a copywriter 19 Jun 2012

We’re very pleased to launch the Professional Copywriters’ Network – a way for UK copywriters to network, build business and develop professionally.

Dry - Augusten Burroughs 16 Jun 2012

One copywriter’s memoir of alcohol, rehab, relapsing into drink and drugs, and coming out the other end.

14 Jun 2012

“Don’t be afraid to learn from writers that are better than you. Park your ego. I have got to where I am today (sitting on the settee dictating this interview) simply by learning from writers that are infinitely more talented than I am. The desire to learn combined with the mastery of powerful techniques can take you far.”

14 Jun 2012

Addressing readers as a group, either explicitly or implicitly, can compromise your tone. Write for an individual instead.

Sarah Turner 13 Jun 2012

“When I’m about to start a new project, I think about it all the time. In fact, some of my best lines are written in the shower or when I’m out running. I really immerse myself in the product, service and company. You have to live and breathe it to write about it.”