Dog barking 27 Jul 2012

Why pay a copywriter and do the writing yourself? You won’t get the results you need.

25 Jul 2012

Alasdair Murray takes a look at the clever phrases used in recruitment ads… and what they really mean.

Content mills - immoral and exploitative? 24 Jul 2012

Content mills are like supermarkets in which only the manager can make a living wage, but they have the power to be useful social and commercial enterprises “” if they dare to change.

20 Jul 2012

It’s easy to poke fun at copywriting clichés. But the story of ‘solution’ shows how such words get established – and why it’s so hard to dislodge them.

Copywriters' Compendium 14 Jul 2012

“If you want to think creatively, polish up your writing and have fun while doing so, then this is the book to get,” says Tracey Dooley.

Fragonard - The Swing. Do lies get any more irresistible? 13 Jul 2012

As copywriters, we’re routinely called upon to lie. How many times do you use ‘I’ or ‘We’ in copy, but really you’re speaking as the client? Part of our job is pretending to be somebody we’re not. But that’s okay.

12 Jul 2012

“My first typewriter couldn’t type the letter o. I had to type a c and fill in the rest with Biro. I ranted at my boss: “I’m a professional writer! I can’t be expected to work this way!”

Christine Cawthorne 05 Jul 2012

“Curiosity led me down the copywriter’s path, I liked the thought of telling the story of a business by choosing the right words. I enjoy all the different projects – time stretches and shrinks according to how much work you have so I’m not put off by the long hours. Copywriting definitely suits me, I can easily say it’s the most enjoyable working time I’ve had.”

The real Pepsodent Habit Loop 01 Jul 2012

You can use a ‘habit loop’ to encourage people to use a product every day “” but the reward has to be the right one.