Writing Resource: Gabay’s Copywriters’ Compendium

Copywriters' CompendiumJust before I moved house my shelves, groaning under the weight of my personal library, collapsed. All I did was add Jonathan Gabay’s Copywriters’ Compendium. Still, you haven’t seen the amount of books I have. Really, I could give The British Library a run for its money.

Back to the book . . . Bound to be dog-eared in no time, I can’t recommend the Gabay’s Copywriters’ Compendium highly enough. It is THE definitive guide for all people who put pen to paper – not just copywriters.

Described as “a fantastic and eclectic collection of wordy ideas, appropriate vocabulary, enticing dictum, and well-researched advice” for anyone who has anything to do with writing, it is a must-read. There is even a handy section of writing various briefs for specific marketing materials, including brochures and websites.

Gabay has a fresh approach and a wonderful play on words. If you want to think creatively, polish up your writing and have fun while doing so, then this is the book to get.

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25th July 2012

Mel Fenson

Ooo, I love it when I have an excuse to buy another book, thanks for the review!

26th July 2012

Tracey Dooley

You’re welcome “” and the great thing about this book is that you can dip in and out of it. I found the creative briefs section a real help when I first started copywriting.

13th March 2013


Hi Tracey,

Really useful. I’ve been a creative writer for a number of years but am just starting out as a copywriter. I would really appreciate any other ‘must buy’ book suggestions.

13th March 2013

Tracey Dooley

Thanks, Naomi!

I’ve just re-read marketing veteran and consultant Don Debelak’s “Marketing Magic” (published by Adams Media Corporation), which is worth a look:

Good luck with your copywriting career. This is a great place for inspiration and general chat. ;0

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