One little ‘but’ makes a big noise

Dom Conlon

Head First Advertising & Design

You have the products, you have the positioning, you have the authority.

Exclusive “members-only” store, Achica (bless you), set out their stall with a lot of style. It’s like the velvet rope has been deployed to make us feel special about shopping with them.

Taking a leaf from the Apple book of product presentation, their adverts show designers – respected, down to earth designers – telling us why Achica (bless you) is important.

Everything about their advertising shouts “luxury”. Not for them the Littlewoods approach.

The message reasons its way towards us. Sensible and plain, why wouldn’t we choose this site to fill our lives with affordable luxury?


Watch the video below. And listen carefully.

Why? Because they are “desirable BUT available“.

Why can we not have both? Should we not have both? Like: “desirable AND available”.

The “but” sticks out. And it makes me think this exclusive little club isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • but

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