Introducing One Minute Briefs

One Minute Briefs is a concept created by Nick Entwistle & James Clancy at The Bank of Creativity.

Nick and James want to change the way people think about advertising and believe that the One Minute Briefs concept can change the way creatives work  – which benefits the creative industry whilst also being great fun.

One Minute Briefs produce some fantastic/funny ideas via lots of interaction over Twitter throughout the creative industry. Nick and James have given numerous talks about this subject including one at the art of new business at LBi, London. See their Twitter account to learn more about how it works.

Here are a few quotes from loyal followers:

‘One Minute Briefs has made advertising fun again! You don’t need a degree or job in advertising, or even know how to draw – everyone with a passion to create is accepted and encouraged. I feel inspired by entries every day and it has spurred me on to get my portfolio going.’
Laura Cripps

‘These one minute briefs are excellent. Brighten up my day and get my thinking cap on and make me so much better at the ‘real’ work I’m doing.’
Jay Sangha

‘Thanks for doing your Twitter page, it’s a good form of sanity sometimes.’
Natalie Dent

‘Thanks for making Twitter a whole lot more fun ha.’

‘I really enjoyed the one minute brief you sent me earlier through Twitter and it was a most welcome brief distraction from my dissertation!’
Jessica North

‘Great event in London last week – first class! The one minute brief idea stole the show.’
Gary Hebblethwaite

‘The beauty of One Minute Briefs is that the ideas that come out of them can be really really rubbish or really really good,’ says Nick. ‘But you’ve only spent one minute on it so it’s all good whatever happens. We often find that the first idea you have is the best. We hope you’ll all get involved…if you’ve got a minute.’

Visit the One Minute Briefs site for more info.

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