Tom Albrighton


23 April 2013

New recommended rates now online

When we founded the PCN, one of our principles was ‘a fair rate for a job well done’. We were concerned at the way some copywriting clients, including content mills, were reducing words to a commodity by commissioning writers at very low per-word rates.

To counter that, we wanted to develop and promote a set of recommended rates that PCN members could use as a basis for negotiation.

Our rates would reflect the experience, expertise and value that copywriters offer. They would take account of the many tasks involved in producing good copy outside actually putting finger to keyboard. And, without being too patronising, they would also help to educate clients on why copywriters’ rates were what they were.

As a starting point, we put together a set of rates. But we were working in a vacuum, with only our own experience and some informal chats with other writers to guide us. To give our rates more authority, we started a discussion forum here, inviting people’s views on what the rates should be.

The consultation period has dragged on a bit, partly because of ‘real work’ getting in the way, but also because new members kept joining, and we wanted to give them a chance to contribute.

Now we’re ready to publish a second iteration of our rates, which (as before) you can find here.

Special thanks to Alastaire Allday for his proposed text on per-word pricing.

We welcome comments from all members.

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Sally Mayor

April 25, 2013 at 12:48pm

Hi Tom,
What brilliant timing! I’ve just come onto the site to look at recommended pricing as a client has asked me to quote per word, which I’ve never done before.
Thanks for your advice.