29 Apr 2015

Old Speckled Hen gives good copy

Loaded with humour and sharp-witted comments, these ads keep us interested and keep us reading.

27 Apr 2015

#b2bcopychat: useful content

Radix Communications’ third Twitter chat will focus on ‘useful content’ – what it is and how to go about writing it.

27 Apr 2015

From one-man band to orchestra conductor

What changes when you go from a one-man band to running a team of copywriters? Sue Keogh explains how she builds and motivates her team.

23 Apr 2015

What election manifestos can teach us about content

If nobody’s reading, what’s the point in writing? Make sure your marketing copy doesn’t get written off as ‘informational landfill’.

22 Apr 2015

Richard Owsley

“Deliver is for pizza, post and babies – for everything else there’s a better verb.”

20 Apr 2015

How to deal with copywriting feedback

Every copywriter needs to find an effective way to deal with client feedback on their work.

16 Apr 2015

Convince your boss to send you to #copycon15

Five cast-iron reasons why your boss should fork out for your conference ticket.

15 Apr 2015

Never knowingly undersold

Why knowing your value and sticking to it is essential for a successful freelance copywriting career.

13 Apr 2015

How to avoid ‘conjunctionitis’

Confused by conjunctions? Geraldine Jones sets the record straight on how to use and not abuse them.

12 Apr 2015

Copywriting Conference 2015

Join us for a day of insights, learning and networking, especially for copywriters. Our conference takes place on 9 October 2015 at Haberdashers’ Hall in London.

10 Apr 2015

Rebecca Perl

“Trust your instincts with people and projects, and try to only take on work you feel positive about.”

08 Apr 2015

The power of words – Depaul UK’s innovative new campaign

A clever, visually striking campaign that will get people to stop and think about how they can help.

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