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Tom Albrighton

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You probably already know there’s only one place for a copywriter to be on 9 October – the PCN Copywriting Conference. But maybe you’re not paying for your own ticket – a smart move, no doubt, but it does involve persuading someone else to sign off on the cash. If your boss is dragging their heels, here are five arguments to push them right over the edge.


‘I’ll be getting some really valuable training’

Yes, you will – and twice as much this year, to boot.

‘Let us go to two training sessions, not just one,’ our delegates cried, and we totally caved. Thanks to their crusading zeal, you now get the chance to attend two (count ’em) superlative hour-long sessions, delivered by top professional trainers. This year you can choose from user experience, persuasion, writing sharable content and refreshing your creativity.

And when you sashay back into the office all like ‘user journey’ and ‘social proof’ and ‘spontaneous writing’, your boss will smile the satisfied smile of one who knows where their precious training budget went. With buzzword game like that, they might even let you in the room with a client!

‘I’ll be able to build up my network’

We get a great crowd in. You’ll have the chance to meet up with loads of like-minded writers – as well as agency bosses and some client-side folk too. Frankly, if you don’t get at least a few LinkedIn connections out of it, there’s something deeply wrong with you.

Now, your boss might see this as a downside – after all, you could hook up with someone who wants to lure you away to a new job. But then again, if they’re secretly wishing you’d leave, those new connections can only bring your leaving party a few weeks closer. And if they’re actively thinking of firing you, they’ll feel a whole better about it if you’ve made a few industry mates who could hook you up.

See? Every cloud has a silver lining.

‘It’s really good value for money’

Have you seen the price of marketing events in London? You can easily drop a monkey or more on an event that, quite frankly, is as dull as ditch. And unless you know something we don’t, that event won’t even be about copywriting – content marketing or digital is as close as you’re going to get.

For £345 + VAT (or just £245 if you’re a Pro member of PCN), you can hang with dozens of livewire writers of every type, enjoy three killer keynotes and rack up the aforementioned training too. And everything’s been chosen – sorry, curated – to appeal to commercial writers just like you.

beckham_packageWe think it’s the best package you’ll see outside those David Beckham underwear ads.

‘I’ll pick up good stuff from the other writers’

This is like the sciencey bit in the shampoo ads. Boffins have found that the more you get out of your cubicle and mix with others, the more company performance improves.

So even if you doze off in the training, or spend those two hours smoking on the street outside, you’ll still pick up – against your will, if need be – some stuff that will make you a better writer.

It’s the sort of thing that should have a technical-sounding name. How about… Osmotic Capability Boosting? OCB? Yeah, that’ll do.

‘There’ll be free tea and stuff’

OK, we’re reaching a bit here, but in these cash-strapped times, every penny counts. Every minute you spend savouring our delicious lunch and refreshments is a minute you’re not wasting your company’s PG Tips or wearing out the carpet by pacing up and down trying to think of a headline.

Of course, it’s possible that, having read this post, your boss might decide to go in your place. That’s OK with us, since we sell a ticket either way. Take it as a tribute to your powers of persuasion, and we’ll see you next year!

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19th April 2015

Graeme Piper

Great stuff Tom! I had to buy my own ticket, but no worry – I’m really looking forward to it!

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