5 ways the Pro Copywriters’ Network can help you

There’s nothing I enjoy more than reaching lunchtime, popping a bit of Serge Gainsbourg on Spotify, and hammering out a cheeky list article along the lines of ’15 ways your cat can sue you’.

So, given that it’s lunchtime and I’m humming along to La Javanaise, I thought I’d take a few minutes to give you five chunky reasons for becoming a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

Here they come…

1. It’s a great place to showcase your portfolio

Pro member profile page, with portfolioWhen you sign up for Pro membership, your dashboard will suddenly give you lots more options – including the chance to feature up to 12 portfolio projects on your PCN profile page.

Assuming your portfolio is a good one, this is pretty powerful. Potential clients no longer have to spend hours scouring the web in search of your work – they can see and compare it with other copywriters’ in one handy place.

Plus, as a Pro member, your listing in our directory takes priority – making you easy to find.

2. You can meet other writers

Not all writers are hermits, and some even enjoy being a bit social and sharing ideas with each other. With PCN membership, you instantly get access to all areas of our online forum where you can get to know other professionals, share successes and even gripe (behind closed doors) about that client who simply won’t sign off your stuff or brass up for it.

3. Come to our conference

Copywriting Conference is the highlight of the PCN year. Every autumn, the best and brightest of the copywriting world descend on London to mop up ideas from industry greats like Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland and a whole host of top talent. The speakers are top flight, the break-out sessions are lively and rewarding and the venue and food are always incredible. Copywriters from as far afield as the USA, Bulgaria, Holland and Italy attend regularly – and as a Pro member you get £100 off your ticket price too.

Delegates grappling with the whisky-based headline challenge in Ros Sinclair's breakout session

4. Blog on our platform

Type ‘copywriters’ into Google. Done it? You’ll have spotted that the PCN site was right up near the top. That’s because we’ve got 1,500 copywriter profiles on the site and increasing amounts of top quality industry content appearing on it. And as a PCN member you have an open invitation to blog on the site – putting your work in front of a large and growing industry audience.

5. Full membership saves you money

Some professional organisations charge hundreds of pounds in membership fees each year. When you become a Pro member of the PCN, you actually save money. For less than £50 per year, you not only get the £100 discount off your conference ticket, but special money-off deals on office insurance, desk hire, copywriting training and accountancy services. There’ll be even more deals like these in the future, meaning the savings will only grow.

So there you have it. Five great ways the PCN can help you. And now I’ve finished lunch I’d better get back to the grindstone. Give membership a try – it’d be great to have you on board.

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