29 Jun 2015

A sorry story

Are you sick of the senseless shoehorning of ‘stories’ into every conceivable item of comms?

26 Jun 2015

How to tame a creative mind and trap your ideas

Is being free to work anywhere and at any time a gift or a curse for freelance copywriters?

24 Jun 2015

What I know about copywriting: Sean Doyle

Copywriting legend Sean Doyle on the art of headline writing and what the Economist got so right.

22 Jun 2015

What’s so bloody wrong with in-house?

Honor Clement-Hayes on why a comfortable in-house copywriting life is for her.

18 Jun 2015

Review: Andy Maslen’s Persuasive Copywriting

Andrew Nattan reviews Andy Maslen’s latest book, which explores the psychology of copywriting.

17 Jun 2015

Honor Clement-Hayes

“My mind is pretty much constantly set to edit mode: toothpaste tubes, ads in the street, overheard conversations…”

16 Jun 2015

Junior copywriter for finance industry

This is a full time post based in Northampton. Salary £20,000-£25,000 + benefits. 18 months experience required. Responsibilities include copywriting, editing marketing materials, and social media management. Ideal opportunity for a junior to establish their copywriting career and move up the ladder. If interested, send a blank email to natalie@bobbinabout.com with “Northampton copywriter” in the […]

15 Jun 2015

Behind the copywriting scenes at the museum

Marge Ainsley on how good copywriting can help museums get visitors more actively involved.

10 Jun 2015

Can your boss see your pants? North American vs British English

Dylan Brethour on North American vs British English and copywriting for a global audience.

08 Jun 2015

What copywriters can learn from NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) uses the power of words to re-program the brain and change behaviour.

05 Jun 2015

What’s it like to specialise in recruitment copywriting?

Alasdair Murray on the niche area of recruitment copywriting.

03 Jun 2015

New to tone of voice?

A whistle-stop tour of what tone of voice is, how to work with it – and where it can go wrong, by Wordtree’s Liz Doig.

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