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Persuasive Copywriting coverYou’re a professional copywriter of some standing. You’ve developed a brand, you have a portfolio of clients, and you’re plagued by nagging doubts that your work just isn’t connecting with readers on a primal level.

Andy Maslen understands. And he’s going to take you by the hand and explain how to plug your content directly into the reader’s lizard brain. Your work will improve. And you’ll have that warm feeling that comes with knowing that your copy is making a meaningful connection.

After all – isn’t connecting and persuading what copywriting is all about?

Before the glowing recommendation begins, I need to admit something.

If such a thing is possible, I’m an Andy Maslen fanboy. The Copywriting Sourcebook has been something between a bible and a life raft for me, and is a constant fixture on my desk. I took Write Copy, Make Money on honeymoon. And I squeak whenever the Mighty Maz replies to my tweets.

And you know what? None of that matters.

Whatever your opinions on Maslen’s other work, Persuasive Copywriting is a book worth buying.

One of the things copywriters like to brag about is our English qualifications. Our degrees in journalism. The fact we won a prize for achievement in English Language at high school.

Persuasive Copywriting demonstrates that there’s a different discipline we need to learn.


Nobody ever bought a service because a comma was in the right place. We buy, because part of our brain decides that we want. Persuasive Copywriting explains the science behind desire, explains how to apply this theory to your writing, and provides real-world demonstrations to hammer the point home.

If you can’t form a connection, you can’t communicate. And if you can’t understand what makes a reader tick, you can’t persuade them to take an action.

With a combination of theory, examples and quick exercises to flex those mental muscles, Persuasive Copywriting will help you connect, communicate and persuade.

Highly recommended.

Andrew read Persuasive Copywriting: Using Psychology to Engage, Influence and Sell by Andy Maslen. Paperback edition currently £18.94 from

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