30 Jul 2015

“If you hit a writer’s block you haven’t done enough research.”

27 Jul 2015

Alice Still on how to make sure your 404 error page doesn’t let your website down.

22 Jul 2015

James Morgan on the trials and tribulations of choosing a name for your copywriting business.

20 Jul 2015

Laura Jordan Bambach shares her thoughts on finding inspiration and the current state of creative copywriting.

16 Jul 2015

Neil Stoneham shares his experiences of copywriting in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

15 Jul 2015

“Make sure you have a thick skin.”

13 Jul 2015

Julian Abel on the sometimes delicate relationship between design and copy.

08 Jul 2015

Christine Cawthorne shares tips on running training sessions for people who write and edit website copy.

06 Jul 2015

Kady Potter says writing and performing comedy has given her a professional advantage in ways she wasn’t expecting.

03 Jul 2015

Why split your attention between ‘creative writing’ and ‘copywriting’? Just be a writer, says Jessica Neill.

01 Jul 2015

“Write to be effective, not impressive. Don’t mess up on grammar. Don’t get comfortable.”