28 Aug 2015

Sophie Ball of Lark Media explains how songwriting and copywriting have more in common than you might think.

27 Aug 2015

“We all have things that wind us up: ‘solutions’, ‘leverage’ as a verb, meaningless fuzz passing for emotional advertising.”

26 Aug 2015

Michael Younger sets out a few pointers to help your blog posts reach the right readers and keep them.

24 Aug 2015

Sue Keogh on how to write shareable copy that will drive the right people to your website.

20 Aug 2015

Sarah Fitzgerald on the DWP benefits sanctions leaflet debacle and why real stories are so important.

19 Aug 2015

Kady Potter muses on the struggle to get people to understand what us copywriters do for a living.

17 Aug 2015

Kim Wareham on what copywriters can learn from art directors.

14 Aug 2015

Vikki Ross tells the story of #thingsyouhearinagencies and how Twitter can enable collaboration.

13 Aug 2015

“Do good work, and don’t be too precious.”

12 Aug 2015

A list of go-to places for free stock images, compiled by Thomas McCallum.

10 Aug 2015

Rebecca Magnus on the art of food and drink copywriting.