“Let’s do something new and different”

Vikki Ross

Vikki Ross Writes Limited

It’s funny the things you hear in agencies isn’t it? That’s what I thought when I created the hashtag.

It came from #thingsyouhearinmeetings, which I created client-side. Seriously, some business jargon needs a translator.

Then during a quiet moment agency-side, I listened to conversations between the account team and the creatives, the planners and the studio managers, and I thought, “I’m tweeting that,” and that’s when I started the hashtag #thingsyouhearinagencies.

“It’s a good start”

The hashtag’s popularity grew fast and my followers joined in. We were all hearing the same things and sharing quotes that made us laugh, commiserate and celebrate our industry together. Little did I know, Nick Entwistle was doing a similar thing. He took the initiative to get in touch and suggest we push the idea further together.

Nick’s the successful creative behind @BOC_ATM and the hugely popular @OneMinuteBriefs, and his smart thinking and hungry ambition are probably two of the factors that got him shortlisted for Cannes Young Lions in 2013 and 2014.

“Make it pop”

Nick set up our @AgencyQuotes account – a place for everyone to tweet and retweet all the brilliant things we hear in agencies. As a freelance copywriter, I work in a number of agencies and it’s so exciting when I hear someone say something that a colleague responds to with “I’m tweeting that!”

“Do it in post production”

@AgencyQuotes started three years ago, and almost 23,000 tweets to over 7,500 followers around the world later, Nick and I had done all this without even meeting. We shared emails and direct messages on Twitter since our partnership began but never spoke and never met. How’s that for a successful remote relationship?

Agency Quotes book“It just works”

Twitter is a great way of communicating to people you may never meet in your day-to-day life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create something together. Connecting is easy and conversations are welcome.

Online friendships and even collaborative partnerships are made – with successful results. With @AgencyQuotes, it took two people with a similar idea to work together and make it grow.

“Let’s take it offline”

Nick and I finally met at the D&AD New Blood Festival in 2014. That’s right folks, the people behind @AgencyQuotes finally met in person! And since then we’ve launched our first ever book, which you can buy here.

Follow us on Twitter if you aren’t already: @VikkiRossWrites | @AgencyQuotes| @BOC_ATM | @OneMinuteBriefs

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