30 Sep 2015

Dave Harland on how training as a journalist gives you the fundamentals to be a top-notch copywriter.

28 Sep 2015

Junior Copywriter role at Futurelearn, based at the British Library in central London.

28 Sep 2015

A free online course from D&AD on creating compelling brand stories. Starts 16 November 2015.

28 Sep 2015

Liz Doig shares ideas about how to stay creative in a world that prioritises process and rational thinking.

24 Sep 2015

“Copywriting is as much about people as it is punctuation.”

23 Sep 2015

Darren Thackeray on how to improve the rhythm of the words you write.

21 Sep 2015

How do you write a good press release? A step-by-step guide by Lorraine Forrest-Turner.

16 Sep 2015

Chris Kenworthy reflects on the personality traits that good writers share.

14 Sep 2015

Interviewing tips that will help you get great source material for your copywriting, by Tom Albrighton.

10 Sep 2015

“You can sound professional without being dull.”

09 Sep 2015

Ben Lloyd on why you never want to read ‘etc’ in a copywriting brief.