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Vikki Ross

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Please do!

Recognising creativity and being creative is brilliant but when did the adjective become a noun? Students and junior copywriters are labelling themselves creatives for fear of being singled out in one role and not appearing attractive enough if they don’t display multiple talents.

Copywriting is an amazing skill and advertising is an exciting industry, so we shouldn’t use vague or generic terms to represent ourselves. Our job title is our professional branding opportunity; the term we use to boldly state what we bring to a business.

I am proud to say I’m a copywriter. I’m also a copywriting tutor at London’s School of Communication Arts in Brixton. They run an intensive one-year course that covers all aspects of advertising, and demand for a place is high. The school is supported by worldwide advertising agencies, with industry leaders visiting everyday to mentor, give masterclasses and review portfolios.

In 2014/15, the school had its highest intake of copywriters at an almost 50/50 split but in the previous years I’ve been working at SCA, I’ve seen students call themselves creatives, which made me think about the future of my own career. If students enter the industry telling employers they can do both art and copy; where does that leave copywriters like me?

The reality is that we still need art directors and copywriters – sure, do a bit of both, and definitely understand and respect the skills of both, but give each craft the dedication it deserves, too.

Image credit: School of Communication Arts



4th September 2015

Mike Beeson

This is a vexed subject. ‘Advertising Copywriters’ are all about ideas.
‘Online/Content Copywriters’ are more about getting their ducks in a row,
The profession is evolving. Maybe we need a new way to differentiate
the skill-sets?

17th January 2016


The thing is that most people in business don’t value ‘writing’. They think they could do it themselves if they had the time, because everyone can write, no? Also, with Odesk/Elance/Upwork, copywriting has become a commodity article. I’ve stopped calling myself a copywriter for those reasons.

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