28 Oct 2015

Medical writing: summarising complex data and translating jargon

Kathryn White explains the ins and outs of medical copywriting.

26 Oct 2015

How to get the best from your freelance copywriter: lessons from my favourite clients

Kate Foster on what makes a great copywriter-client relationship.

22 Oct 2015

Munizha Ahmad-Cooke

“Don’t undervalue what your skills are worth.”

21 Oct 2015

How freelance copywriters should (not) contact potential clients

Leif Kendall has these tips for starting positive relationships with potential freelance clients.

19 Oct 2015

What do you call a group of copywriters?

Sharon Edge muses on what the collective noun for a group of copywriters should be.

15 Oct 2015

Riding the confidence wave

Liz Jones on how to get through a freelance confidence crisis.

13 Oct 2015

CopyCon15: Shareable content

Sue Keogh gives an overview of her Copywriting Conference 2015 breakout sessions on creating shareable content.

12 Oct 2015

Changes at PCN

An update on changes to the management of PCN.

12 Oct 2015

Just a minute! (the editor’s version)

Kady Potter puts her editor’s hat on to tackle hesitation, deviation and repetition.

08 Oct 2015

John Espirian

“Nobody ever complained that some piece of copy was too easy to read.”

07 Oct 2015

Why all copywriters should listen to hip hop

Chloe Marshall tells us why hip hop is a discipline worth exploring.

05 Oct 2015

Writing winning bid proposals

Frankie Drake on the key ingredients in a winning bid proposal.

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