Tell us about your life as a copywriter in our first survey

We’re very pleased to announce our first survey of the UK copywriting industry.

Since PCN was founded in 2012, we’ve grown to over 1,750 members. That puts us in a unique position to learn more about the state of copywriting today. So now we’re asking you to tell us about your life as a copywriter.

PCN_survey_bannerWhat sort of work do you do, and who for? What gets you out of bed, and what gets your goat? How did you get here, and where would you like to go?

We want to hear from all the copywriters out there – whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, a specialist or a generalist, digital or traditional, freelance or in-house. Both PCN members and non-members are welcome to take part. The only limitation is that you should be currently working as a copywriter, and serve the UK market (though not necessarily live here).

Some of the questions in the survey – like how much you earn – might seem a bit intrusive. If so, please remember that the survey is 100% anonymous and confidential.

You don’t have to provide any personally identifying information, not even an email address, so even we won’t know who you are. And only aggregate statistics will be presented in our report, so no-one will be able to find out any details of your professional life.

However, if you are willing to tell us things like rates and salary, it will help us build a picture of how much copywriters really earn, the impact of experience on earnings and whether there’s a gender pay gap in the industry.

Early next year, we’ll be publishing the results in a PDF download available from the PCN website in return for a social-media share (‘Pay with a Tweet’). We’ll also use the data to revise our suggested rates, if need be.

We’ve tested the survey with PCN members and we guarantee that it will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. So why not get a brew on and take the survey right now?

Thanks for your help.

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