27 Jan 2016

Once you’ve spent a few years working as a copywriter, newer writers will probably start coming to you for advice. What’s the best way to respond?

25 Jan 2016

Mel Fenson shares her tips for creating a kick-ass sales process that’ll win you more copywriting clients.

21 Jan 2016

Looking for software to help with copywriting project management? Alice Still reviews GatherContent, Google Drive and Confluence.

20 Jan 2016

Share your experiences and knowledge about display advertising in the next Twitter #B2BCopyChat.

19 Jan 2016

“Say yes to new opportunities, even if you’re nervous.”

18 Jan 2016

John Espirian explains how technical writers turn complex subject matter into simple, accessible content.

16 Jan 2016

Vikki Ross is lost for words after seeing Snapchat’s ‘Language Designer’ job ad.

13 Jan 2016

26’s workshop will tell you all you need to know about freelancing, limited companies, expenses, tax, VAT and HMRC.

13 Jan 2016

Meet other copywriters at the next #copywritersunite event in London.

13 Jan 2016

“I’ve dealt with 20+ recruitment agencies. All but one have been bad experiences.”

13 Jan 2016

Our new blog series allows PCN members to share their copywriting experiences anonymously.