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1 January 2016

15 must-read posts from 2015

Did you completely forget to read our blog in 2015? Don’t fret, it’s not too late to catch up. We’ve picked out 15 of the most popular posts from last year.

Economist poster - Sean Doyle1. What I know about copywriting: Sean Doyle

Copywriting legend Sean Doyle on the art of headline writing and what The Economist got so right.

2. On the copywriting life: where creativity meets commerce

Katherine Wildman on the joys of creative writing and how it can help copywriters.

3. New to tone of voice?

A whistle-stop tour of what tone of voice is, how to work with it – and where it can go wrong, by Wordtree’s Liz Doig.

Motor Neurone Disease Association poster4. For want of a word

Tom Albrighton on how a tiny copy tweak could have saved the Motor Neurone Disease Association’s #lastsummer campaign from a social media beasting.

5. How to get paid on time, every time

Caroline Gibson’s advice on good financial practices for freelance copywriters, to make sure those invoices get paid on time.

6. Invoice payment well overdue? Here’s what to do next

The second instalment of freelance copywriting advice from Caroline Gibson tackles how to chase up late invoices.

7. Write less, say more: A refresher guide to plain English

Caitlin Milne tackles the topic of plain English in our latest copywriting primer.

Digital camera8. 10 free stock image sites every copywriter should know about

A list of go-to places for free stock images, compiled by Thomas McCallum.

9. Copywriting is alive

Tom Albrighton on the state of the copywriting profession. Spoiler: he thinks it’s in great shape.

10. Books on copywriting that copywriters rate

We asked the copywriters of Twitters to share their favourite books about copywriting. Here’s what they told us.

11. “You just don’t understand…” – the copywriter’s torment

Kady Potter on the struggle to get people to understand what us copywriters do for a living.

Neurons12. Persuasive copywriting: how stories, emotions and the brain make decisions for us

Andy Maslen says that to persuade somebody, you have to know what they want. And it’s never what you’re selling.

13. What copywriters can learn from NLP

Jackie Barrie on how an understanding of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help copywriters to write copy that converts.

14. For the love of God, can we all stop saying ‘passionate’?

David McGuire argues that copywriters caught using the word ‘passionate’ should be openly mocked.

15. Copywriting Conference 2015: our round-up of the day

Killer tweets, sweary ads, persuasiveness and creativity – just some of the topics covered in our round-up of CopyCon15.

Huge thanks to the authors of these posts and to all of the copywriters who wrote for our blog this year. If you’d like to write something for the Pro Copywriters blog in 2016, drop me a line at

  • Economist poster - Sean Doyle (small version)

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