Get ready for backchat, Snapchat!

Vikki Ross

Vikki Ross Writes Limited

For a brief moment today, I was lost for words. That’s right, me, a copywriter who spends all day everyday writing words, reading words, saying words and thinking about words, was lost for words.

Why? Because my copywriter friend Jamie Coggans posted the tweet shown to the #copywritersunite feed on Twitter.

Did you just rub your eyes and look again? I’m afraid it hasn’t gone away – it’s still there in all its appalling glory. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when we get the chance to be mega creative with copy but playing with our job title is not on. I wrote a blog post last year about being proud to call yourself a copywriter – it came from a different place to this scenario but is still worth a read.

Now, most job ads aren’t written by copywriters and it shows, so I’ll give it to Snapchat for writing theirs creatively, but that title? I’m not having it and neither are loads of other people who have reacted to this on Twitter and LinkedIn. They did all take the opportunity to ironically throw in their own alternative suggestions, some of which you can see below.

Verbal Cartographer



Dictionary Ninja

Language Optimiser

Content Scientist

Text Fondler

Word Weasler

Syntactic Stylist

Linguistic Unicorn

Word Dictator

Prose Architect

You were being ironic, weren’t you, guys? Guys?

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