29 Feb 2016

Anna McLoughlin invites you to copy and adapt the content calendar that she finds indispensable.

29 Feb 2016

Free-to-download tools and templates to help members in their day-to-day copywriting and freelancing life.

25 Feb 2016

Brian Jenner sums up some of the things he’s learnt during 20 years as a speechwriter.

22 Feb 2016

In our first Copywriting Clinic, experienced copywriters offer advice on how to brief another writer and give feedback on their work.

18 Feb 2016

Join Radix Communications and the industry’s finest on Tuesday 1 March to chat about being a B2B copywriter and the role of the copywriter in B2B marketing.

18 Feb 2016

Outside, I’m a successful copywriter, but inside my success doesn’t feel real.

16 Feb 2016

“You need a thorough understanding of what makes writing persuasive.”

15 Feb 2016

Jackie Harris says marketers need to rethink the way they talk to the ‘over 50s’ market.

12 Feb 2016

We now have more than 2,000 copywriters signed up as members of the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

11 Feb 2016

Liz Jones explains the role of the proofreader and shares some helpful tips for proofreading copy.

08 Feb 2016

We’ve introduced new options for searching our directory, updated member profiles, improvements to Pro portfolios and more.