31 Mar 2016

Leif Kendall is taking over the running of PCN.

29 Mar 2016

Three copywriters offer advice on how to juggle the need to market your own business with your client work.

21 Mar 2016

Announcing the closure of PCN (avoided since this post was published).

21 Mar 2016

An in-depth guide to getting the most from your freelance copywriting website.

18 Mar 2016

Attend a free one-day talk for new, junior and future copywriters on April 30 in London.

15 Mar 2016

“Never be afraid to ask a client ‘obvious’ or stupid questions.”

09 Mar 2016

We’ve published the report of our first survey of the UK copywriting industry.

04 Mar 2016

Leif Kendall looks at the income replacement options available to freelancers when they’re not well enough to work.

02 Mar 2016

A b2b marketing communications agency in Oxfordshire. Salary to £45k.

01 Mar 2016

A b2b marketing communications agency in Oxfordshire is seeking a copywriter.

01 Mar 2016

“Connive, convince, con or cajole your way into the best places to learn your craft.”