Welcome to copywriting – a free one-day talk

There’s a Saturday talk happening at the end of next month for new, junior and future copywriters.

‘Welcome to copywriting’ is more than an introduction to the job. It’s an invitation to become part of #copywritersunite and build a support network with other people in your position or just over the fence.

The day’s being run by:

Kady Potter – @koisurukady

Honor Clement-Hayes – @mutatedmusings

Chloe Marshall – @re_scrawl

David ‘Dibbsy’ Evans – @daviddibbs


At ‘Welcome to copywriting’, you will learn:

  • More (and more effective) ways to build your client list and portfolio
  • How to make yourself and your CV look interesting
  • Why you’re not getting work, and how to start changing things
  • Where the proper money is, because it does exist
  • The pros and cons of being full-time, freelancing, and trying to do both
  • What NOT to do – tactics that are unlikely to work, ever ever ever

This one-off day is free to attend.

It’ll be held at The Rag Factory, in central London, starting at 11am on April 30th. The talk bit should run until around 4pm, and there’ll be a chance to mingle.

Find out more about ‘Welcome to copywriting’ and how to sign up on Kady’s blog.


18th March 2016

Carol Waterkeyn

It sounds great. ‘Just gone into freelancing so will be trying to book a place. Thanks for organising this.

24th March 2016

Joe Bond

Written my first annual review marketing document,press releases social media updates and enjoyed them all.

How do I become a copywriter ?

2nd April 2016

Madeleine Bailey

Hi, I’ve just joined and am disappointed to see that this is now (understandably) booked up. Will there be any videos of the talks for those of us who didn’t get in in time?

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