29 Apr 2016

Jessica Neill discusses the challenges of going freelance, and committing to something that can feel risky…

27 Apr 2016

“If writer’s block strikes, it probably means I’m trying to write too soon.”

25 Apr 2016

What does a video game writer do? John Featherstone explains all…

22 Apr 2016

Grab a seat. And hold on tight. Prepare to celebrate the life linguistic. This is Copy Cabana 2016 – a conference for copywriters and anyone who works with words.

21 Apr 2016

Vikki Ross shares news of the D&AD New Blood Awards – and her hopes for the future of radio advertising.

18 Apr 2016

How many of the slogans we know and love can be taken seriously? Kady Potter picks some of the best-known brand straplines and puts them to the test.

18 Apr 2016

Join the next #copywritersunite meetup in London in May – and have a chance to meet your peers, talk shop and get better acquainted with your network.

01 Apr 2016

New management at PCN means more capacity to support copywriters like you…