Copywriters, unite in May!

Come to the next #copywritersunite night.

I’ve been calling all copywriters to connect with each other on Twitter since 2012, and what a thriving community we’ve become.

We’re using the #copywritersunite hashtag all day every day. From around the world to down the road, we’re supporting and celebrating each other in the craft it’s clear we all love.

And last year, that spirit came to life in the real world too. Armed with only obscure Twitter bio photos, some of us braved physical socialising at #copywritersunite nights in London and Manchester, and they’ve been brilliant. We’ve made friends, met mentors, found work and teamed up with others.

Here’s what Honor Clement-Hayes wrote about last summer’s #copywritersunite night: #CopywritersUnite | Mutated Musings

I hope you’ll join us at the next one:


Thursday 26 May 2016

The Cut – (on the mezzanine)

Young Vic

66 The Cut



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