31 May 2016

Copywriting life lessons from Bryan Adams

What can copywriters learn from Bryan Adams? Ben Lloyd goes looking for inspiration in the songs and career of the Canadian dad-rock superstar.

28 May 2016

Eloise Ghirlando

“Know your worth. There are always going to be writers out there who will charge less than you, so you need to be confident of the value you bring – and the fact that you are unique.”

27 May 2016

Wordstock 2016 – the festival of words

Get inspired and develop your skills with a day of talks, panels, awards and project launches – at Wordstock 2016.

25 May 2016

When copywriters need to step back and let the work breathe

Jessica Neill ruminates on creativity – and how copywriters can benefit from a little time and space…

23 May 2016

What’s it like being a copywriter for an agency?

Rebecca Nicholl gives us a taste of life as a copywriter at an agency…

18 May 2016

Copy Cabana 2016: 12 speakers, 1 day, 1 beach

Vikki Ross shares the line-up for Copy Cabana 2016, the copywriting conference arriving in Bournemouth in September…

18 May 2016

Why copywriters must be the customer’s champion

Copywriters have the opportunity to be the customers’ champion, defending them from confusing messaging and empty brand verbiage.

16 May 2016

Joanna Brown

“Be excellent. Read a lot, write every day, don’t be discouraged by the writing battery farms, keep developing your skills, and use social media.”

13 May 2016

How brands talk – one day course on brand language

Join Vikki Ross for a one-day training course on how to develop a tone of voice for a brand.

13 May 2016

5 ways to keep bland fluff words out of your copy

Anna Gunning shares some brilliant strategies for dealing with clients who want more empty words and hype in the copy you’ve written…

09 May 2016

Copywriting is more than words – a foray into information architecture (IA)

Laura Coull suggests that copywriters should be more involved in other aspects of website development, including information architecture (IA)…

06 May 2016

10 copywriting apps and tools – as voted by 2 top copywriters

Listen to this episode of the Hot Copy Podcast to hear about 10 apps and tools that can help copywriters do their job.

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