28 Jul 2016

Anna Gunning shares seven apps and services that can supercharge your content marketing.

25 Jul 2016

Why limit your creative partnerships? How could partnering with a different professional lead to great creative work?

22 Jul 2016

Write technical documents? Peter Rylands shares an update on a conference just for you: Write the Docs.

20 Jul 2016

Mark Beard, of The Economist, is one of the speakers at Copy Cabana 2016.

20 Jul 2016

You deserve to get paid for your work. In this post we consider ways to ensure you get paid – and what you can do when clients won’t pay.

18 Jul 2016

“I chose copywriting because it involved what I enjoyed doing: reading new things, editing and writing.”

14 Jul 2016

Whitney Edwards reassures writers everywhere that you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to make good art.

07 Jul 2016

Russ Hope of Quietroom shares a powerful pitch for Reverse Rett, a charity working to cure a cruel disease.

06 Jul 2016

Jane Shepley reviews We, Me, Them & It, the first installment in John Simmons’ Dark Angels trilogy.

01 Jul 2016

The Our Freelance Life podcast brings you the voices, the experience and the stories of independent professionals. Episode 2 features Will Hillier, an adventurous freelance copywriter.