31 Aug 2016

“Please don’t work for free. It is unlikely to lead to great things and you’re telling people your work has no monetary value.”

25 Aug 2016

A quick update on progress and plans at PCN.

24 Aug 2016

An entrepreneurial copywriter seeks fellow professionals to form a collective with which to share leads.

24 Aug 2016

“Don’t marry a wimp. Having a partner who understands your ambitions is invaluable.”

19 Aug 2016

Anna Gunning explores Meaningful, a book that offers a framework for getting to the bottom of what a customer wants.

18 Aug 2016

Dawn Kofie interviews Louise Swift to learn how a copywriter and a web developer work together.

11 Aug 2016

Krysten Swindells of Oh So Coco talks about self-employment and how it can, at times, feel like dating.

03 Aug 2016

If a recession is around the corner, how you can you prepare to survive the downturn?