30 Sep 2016

Why did the UK government need a crack team of content designers to cure their web woes?

28 Sep 2016

Launching PCN’s first Mentor Club – a free mentoring circle open to all copywriters.

27 Sep 2016

Are your blog post titles intriguing your readers? Or just confusing them?

26 Sep 2016

“My job is to translate the client’s thoughts into a message their audience will believe in and respond to.”

23 Sep 2016

Sarah Richards, former head of the UK’s digital content team, explains how content people became known as ‘content designers’.

20 Sep 2016

Becky Matthews discusses the benefits of ghostwriting – both for copywriters and clients.

15 Sep 2016

When the phone stops ringing and your inbox empties – how can you drum up work in a hurry?

15 Sep 2016

A marketing agency in East Sussex seeks a

12 Sep 2016

James Walsh is inviting copywriters to unite in Edinburgh on 12 September 2016.

12 Sep 2016

Louise Powney shares some of the jargon and buzzwords that prevent her from having a positive reading experience.

08 Sep 2016

What are the warning signs that a potential client might be a total nightmare?