28 Nov 2016

“Know your value. You’ll have trouble convincing others if you don’t believe it yourself.”

23 Nov 2016

Read highlights from the Bristol Content Group as they discuss recruiting copywriters and content marketers,

21 Nov 2016

“Always strive for the best, but don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good (as Voltaire almost said!)”

18 Nov 2016

What’s the secret to getting hired by agencies?

16 Nov 2016

What’s the difference between copy and content?

14 Nov 2016

“Make friends with other copywriters. They are a never-ending spring of knowledge, guidance, advice and support when you need it.”

10 Nov 2016

What is microcopy? And how do you write it well?

09 Nov 2016

Timothy Woods shares his experience of becoming a freelance copywriter.

07 Nov 2016

“Copywriters are continually learning and honing their craft; none of us know it all.”

03 Nov 2016

Research suggests that self-employed people are earning less than in 1995. Is this true for you?