31 Jan 2017

Becky Matthews talks feedback, and how clients can provide useful copy reviews.

30 Jan 2017

Our conference is coming back to London in October.

30 Jan 2017

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, since I was a child, and I get to do it for a living.”

24 Jan 2017

“Copywriting is a career that brings a lot of enjoyment into my life.”

24 Jan 2017

Ben Lloyd’s Hungarian holiday suggests a new market for copywriters.

17 Jan 2017

“Clients do business with people they like, and they refer people they’re confident won’t ruin their reputation.”

12 Jan 2017

Boost your email open rates with these tips from Joanna Brown.

10 Jan 2017

Alison Bowyer compares the reality of 2016 with her business plan.

09 Jan 2017

“Never give up. Even though it can be difficult to get started as a copywriter.”

03 Jan 2017

“Stretching yourself is the key to growth and improvement.”