13 Dec 2018

Copywriters Survey 2019

Our 2019 survey of copywriters is now live. Please take 7 minutes to share your experiences, anonymously.

Sarah Richards, founder of Content Design London
13 Dec 2018

Copywriting and content design — what’s the difference?

What’s content design and what’s its relationship to copywriting? Sarah Richards explains.

A map of the world on a desk propped up against a wall.
12 Dec 2018

Speak another language? You could offer multilingual copywriting

Fuschia Hutton on how having another language may help you add a string to your copywriting bow.

A rolled up five pound note.
10 Dec 2018

How to increase your day rates as a freelance copywriter

How can you charge more as a freelance copywriter? Leif Kendall has a few suggestions…

Danielle Hayley, founder Indy Consultancy
10 Dec 2018

Danielle Haley — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Volunteer for as much as you can, but don’t let people take the mick!”

White Love Heart sweet with "I love you" written on it in pink text.
05 Dec 2018

4 things I love most about freelancing

I never set out to become a freelancer. I happily worked for employers in both the private and public sector for almost 2 decades. Then, around 2 and a half years ago, I decided I needed a change, one that didn’t involve working for another PR or marketing agency or going in-house again. So, I […]

04 Dec 2018

Corporate Memberships: new from ProCopywriters

Companies can now join ProCopywriters and bring the benefits of membership to their entire team.

Jonathan Wilcock, copywriter
03 Dec 2018

Jonathan Wilcock — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I love the ideas stage. Anything’s possible – nothing stands between the blank page and creative excellence.”

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