Declined stamp
30 Jan 2019

The copywriter says no: five unreasonable client requests and how to handle them

How do you answer the tricky questions clients often ask, politely and assertively? Jenny Lucas has some suggestions.

Neil Barraclough, copywriter
28 Jan 2019

Neil Barraclough — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

“Copywriting is a profession all about learning. If you stop, you’re probably in trouble.”

25 Jan 2019

Win £100 Book Token by Completing Our Survey

Expand your library with £100 in book tokens. You just need to complete our survey and share it on Twitter.

Red and white octagonal stop sign
23 Jan 2019

7 ways to stop writing the obvious

Lorraine Forrest-Turner’s guide to booting tired words and phrases out of your copy.

Tom Cross, copywriter
21 Jan 2019

Tom Cross — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“Do what motivates and inspires you. There are definitely easier ways to make a living than starting out as a freelance writer, but if you’re doing what you love you’ll make it work.”

17 Jan 2019

Voicebox – the tone of voice workshop in a box

Katherine Wildman grills Nick Parker on Voicebox – his tone of voice workshop-in-a-box.

A baseball pitcher about to throw a baseball.
16 Jan 2019

6 tips for writers pitching editors and agencies

Editors and agencies, how do you build up effective working relationships with them? Tony Hallett of Collective Content gives us his dos and don’ts.

Charlotte Skayee, copywriter
14 Jan 2019

Charlotte Skayee — Procopywriters Member Spotlight

“Trust your instincts. Believe in yourself. I spent a long time thinking that anybody can do what I do. They can’t.”

13 Jan 2019

My first 5 years as a freelance copywriter

Alice Hollis considers how her life has changed since she ditched the 9 to 5 and started her copywriting business.

A toddler colouring in a picture of an angel.
09 Jan 2019

10 business lessons I learned in a 9-line email from my child’s nursery

Jo Watson shares the marketing tips she got from an unlikely source.

Lauren MacNeish, Copywriter
07 Jan 2019

Lauren MacNeish — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

“I can do what I love from anywhere and I get to meet great people while doing it.”

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