Membership fee increase (for new members only)

From the 1 April 2019 we’ll be increasing the membership fee to £90 for Pro members and £6 per month for Basic members.

This change will only affect new members who join after 30 March.

If you’re already on board, nothing changes.

So if you’re thinking about joining, or upgrading from Basic to Pro, please do this soon so you can secure the lower rate.

Why the increase?

The fee increase is caused by two factors.

Firstly, we’re trying to do more. We’re running webinars and would like to host more events that bring people together. This all costs money.

Secondly, we’re still trying to make the group sustainable, which means we need enough money to hire an employee.

Thanks for supporting ProCopywriters

Thanks to everyone that has been part of ProCopywriters so far. We value all of the responses and support we get from you on Twitter and Facebook, and all the lovely emails and comments we get when we run webinars.

We’re here to help copywriters like you. So if there’s something else we can do to help, please email Leif Kendall.





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