26 May 2020

Copy-wise: beware of too many, too few or misplaced commas

Collective Content’s quick guide to how to use commas properly

21 May 2020

Why good copywriters ask ‘why?’ a lot

Anna Metcalfe sheds some light on the thinking behind a question that’s dear to copywriters’ hearts

19 May 2020

Copywriting, content writing and the problem with ‘just the words’

Copywriting and content writing’s so much more than just stringing a bunch of sentences together says Greg Henley.

Getting referrals
14 May 2020

Boost your client list through referrals

You want your clients to mention your name when copywriting comes up. Sally Ormond shares her ideas about how to make that happen.

12 May 2020

I’m a copywriter. Here’s one of my worst fears

Alice Hollis’ description of what fills her heart with terror.

07 May 2020

Getting clear: rewriting v. editing v. proofreading

Rewriting, editing and proofreading. What’s the difference? Patricia Lane explains.

05 May 2020

Repeat after me: “My own business is at least as important as my clients’ businesses”

Megan Douglas’ suggestions for getting round to the business-related tasks that always slide to the bottom of your to-do list.

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