Call for Speakers for Copywriting Conference 2021

Leif Kendall


Want to speak at the 2021 Copywriting Conference?

We’re on the hunt for new voices to inspire, inform and agitate our audience.

Apply to speak at CopyCon21

Creative persuasion

That’s the theme for 2021.

Where does creativity come from?

How can we produce it on demand?

How do we use creativity to achieve our goals?

You might want to talk directly about your own creative experiences, processes or practices, or you might want to talk about your outputs.

What do you do with creativity? What does it unlock? How does it support your work or the results you achieve for clients?

Left-field speakers

Want to get weird?

We’re open to it.

Maybe you’ve got a story to tell, or a project to share, or a pet theory you need to unleash – and maybe it doesn’t fit neatly into our ‘creative persuasion’ topic.


Even topics and tales that don’t have an obvious connection to copywriting, advertising or marketing could be just the thing to spark an idea in someone else.

And that’s what we want.

We want you, and your ideas.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply.

You might be 18 or 110.

You might have tonnes of experience or next to none.

You might have thousands of fans or none but your Mum.

You get the idea.

As much as our attendees love seeing a familiar name on the schedule, we don’t want to hear from the same ten people on rotation.

You might be a copywriter, but you don’t have to be.

You might never mention ‘copywriting’ in your talk.


Our 2021 conference may be live, fully virtual, or a hybrid.

We’ll plan for a virtual event and then add a live component if we can be sure that coronavirus is under control by October 2021

We pay speakers for their time and travel.


Apply to speak at the 2021 Copywriting Conference


7th August 2020

David Knowles-Leak

I am in the final stages of completing a book on decision-making. One of my themes is about the fact that thinking and decision-making are rarely taught or systematically learnt. Thinking creatively informs good decision-making and the development of rewarding and effective goals.

I would be delighted to speak to your conference.

9th August 2020

Leif Kendall

Thanks for your message David. Sounds interesting! Please complete the application form if you haven’t already. 🙂

3rd November 2020


Hey guys,

I’ve applied a while ago for the conference, but I never received a confirmation e-mail or heard back from you. Is that normal or could it be that my application never went through…?


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