Copywriting life

Lego diver on the sea bed
11 Dec 2012

Swimming in a sea of research

How much research do you do before you start writing?

Brain out of order
07 Nov 2012

The month I lost my zest for writing…

For the first time in about a month, I’ve regained my enthusiasm for writing. But how do you cope when you lose your zing “” and you haven’t even noticed?

09 Oct 2012

Writing to sell (your writing)

Do you write what the job requires – or what the client prefers?

Dog barking
27 Jul 2012

Why buy a dog and bark yourself?

Why pay a copywriter and do the writing yourself? You won’t get the results you need.

Ben's Tidy Desk
12 Jun 2012

Do copywriters need tidy desks?

After working for years on a desk resembling a crack addict’s, Ben Locker comes clean “” and is startled by the difference.

25 May 2012

The client who cried ‘urgent’

How a brave copywriter challenged a client who always wanted everything urgently.

25 May 2012

Five steps to rubbish content

If you want really rubbish content, you’ve got to do it right. Here’s our five-step guide for clients.

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