Birgit Diggins

Birgit Diggins



Middleweight Copywriter

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  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Copy-editing
  • Digital and SEO Copywriting
  • Technical
  • Tone of Voice


  • B2B
  • Charities
  • Lifestyle

Qualifications & Awards

- Training courses in writing for the web, search engine optimisation, web usability, information architecture and web accessibility
- Various digital marketing, project management and personal leadership courses
- LCCI certificates in “PR, Marketing and Advertising”
- Master’s degree in “Corporate & Media Communications"


I’m a North West London based copywriter, and content marketing and branding strategist.

Power-Words was born out of my belief that both, the meaning and presentation of our words have the power to influence and shape our relationships, experiences, and indeed businesses. Words are the life-force* of any business as I always say and I well and truly enjoy helping my clients put that life-force into their businesses by leveraging my

• formal marketing and communications qualifications (Master degree in PR and Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing and Project Management qualifications)
• hands-on digital marketing experience (web copy writing, search engine optimisation, web user-experience, information architecture and website sub-editing), and most of all
• my life-long passion for writing (editing and proofreading) and strategizing web and marketing content.

I am also #ProudToBe a non-native English copywriter

**Oxford Dictionaries define life-force as “the force that gives something its vitality and strengths”, or, the Free Dictionary states: “the force that is responsible for growth and evolution.”


North West London


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