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Chris Worth is an adventure travel and extreme sports buff who's sometimes mistaken for a copywriter. He writes ad campaigns, sales copy, and web content for everyone from startups to bluechips - from single-line ads to 1,000-page websites.

With a background ranging from principal writer on the world's largest tech account to academic papers on behavioural finance, his niche is "the hard stuff". Broad and deep experience writing for technology and finance means he's your man if your products involve STEM subjects (science / technology / engineering / mathematics) or PPE themes (politics / philosophy / economics). Retainer agreements encouraged; that's how you get the best bang per buck.

He's never without his Kindle - a true fanatic - and for some reason he's also a qualified strength coach in calisthenics and kettlebells. He's the author of freelancer's manual 100 Days, 100 Grand (, and also writes the odd bit of thriller fiction as Mark Charteris and sci-fi as Ted Bann, although they're both more hobbies than jobbies.

In an increasingly desperate bid to be the next Bond or Bourne, he's also jumped out of over 100 planes in flight, SCUBA'd some of the world's top dive sites, and practices the close-combat art Krav Maga. (Not at the same time, obvs.)

Based in London, he's lived and worked in six countries, and the travel bug never seems to fade. Contact him at Chris does Content,


3rd Floor 207 Regent St

07876 635340
07876 635340
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  • Business, finance and law
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  • Sport, travel and leisure
Qualifications & Awards
MBA (Warwick); published author (textbooks, fiction, research papers); 3 x Journal du Net awards (Europe); 1 x WPP Atticus award; over 200 campaigns and 1,000+ articles in 9 languages and 16 markets. Trained skydiver and SCUBA diver; also qualified progressive calisthenics (PCC) and kettlebells (HKC) instructor!
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