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Hey, I’m Greg. I write copy that makes websites and emails more readable, relatable and profitable.

I went freelance in mid-2019, after quitting my job in a marketing agency to go travelling around Asia and Oceania. My sister was living in Hong Kong at the time, and I was jealous of all the places she could easily get to from there. I wanted to visit some of those places, too.

After a couple of months, I came back to the UK thinking I’d get another marketing job. But this didn’t happen.

I went on interview after interview, taking exploitative writing tests and answering the same dull questions. It didn’t take long for me to feel frustrated and jaded by the process.

By Winter, I was about to take a job sorting peoples’ Christmas post. Then I got a message from a writing agency, who were looking for an extra writer to help with a project. I jumped at the opportunity, and we worked together on a few more projects into early 2020.

That’s when I started thinking ‘I can run a freelance business!’ Then the rest of the year happened…

Spring and Summer were quiet. But I launched my website and took on some small projects.

Autumn was even quieter, and I took a job picking and packing groceries in a supermarket warehouse. But I got some more projects in the Winter, and I’ve been lucky to have enough work to keep me busy since then.

Maybe you can keep me busy too?




  • Content strategy
  • Copy-editing
  • Digital and SEO copywriting
  • B2B
  • Education
  • Public sector
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