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5 page checklist for technology consulting

10 Things to Think About Before Starting Any Tech Change Project

Everyone loves a checklist, right? Things to tick off as you go along? Well, I’ve provided exactly that for you. Think of this as a supplement to your project plan, and give yourself a big tick when you meet one of the points.

They’re in a logical order, but they don’t necessarily follow on from one to the other. Any tech implementation project will have many strands and a complex project plan, but these points should all be covered in it somewhere.

1. Consult with your users

Talk to people. Find out their appetite for what you want to do. Find out their issues with current systems. Find out their most inconvenient business processes and consider how your new tech might help them. Ask them what they want to get out of a new intranet/database/document management system etc.

This is all about documenting your functional requirements and creating your business case. Really, you shouldn’t be looking at solutions until you’ve done all this (although it is tempting and it often happens).

But more importantly, if you’ve really taken time to listen to people, they’ll be starting to feel involved – and this is the first and most important step towards engagement later on.


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