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7 ways to become an Innovator

Excerpt: 7 ways to become an Innovator

Ever noticed that colleague who seems to constantly have new ideas, who recommends unexpected solutions, and who generally seems more creative than everyone else? You might call them a ‘blue sky thinker’ or say they ‘think outside the box’ (and many more business clichés!)

They’re an Innovator.

The world is changing fast (noticed the robots taking over?) and, with the impending challenges of Brexit over the new few years, organisations need employees who think differently and can help their company flex, adapt, and grow in an agile way.

If you’re thinking “Well I’m just not the creative type, I’ll never be like that” then think again…

You can learn to innovate too.

DISCLAIMER: Innovation isn’t something you can schedule into your calendar “Let’s meet on Tuesday at three and be innovative” isn’t going to work. You might achieve some great brainstorming, but innovation is a mindset which takes conscious effort and practice.

Innovators don’t just magically dream up amazing solutions, instead they draw on their knowledge and combine ideas from seemingly unrelated sources. They see things that others can’t because they’re in the habit of actively seeking knowledge.

So how can we develop innovative habits?

1 – Take interest in work outside your own department: Sit in on team meetings with other departments. Shadow a colleague. Take someone from an unrelated team out to lunch. Listen, ask questions about what they do, and you might notice work that’s being duplicated, or systems and tools you can adapt to suit your own work

2 – Constantly evaluate everything you do: Challenge yourself and be brutally honest – are you just going through the motions and doing something ‘because we’ve always done it that way’?… (click here to read full article)


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