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8 surprising job perks that Millennials ACTUALLY want.

Excerpt: ‘8 surprising job perks that Millennials ACTUALLY want

Everyone’s complaining about Millennials. All the time. And it’s getting boring. The gripes I’ve seen most often are:

– They’re so entitled

– They don’t work hard

– They all want to ‘have an impact’. “Don’t they realise they need to climb the career ladder like I did and put in hard graft before anyone listens to their opinion at work?”

– They’re only interested in fancy perks and high salaries

Assuming everyone born over two decades thinks and behaves alike is silly, and excludes workers outside this bracket. So let’s talk about the ‘Now’ workforce instead, the ‘Now’ way of thinking.

Think you’ll attract great Talent with lavish trips abroad, bean bags, ping-pong tables, dart boards…? Probably, yes. Slides and ball parks are a great selling point, but on their own they don’t inspire long-term loyalty. (click here to read full article)

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