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A passive house in Slovakia

A First in Slovakia


Our development in Slovakia is the first passive standard development in the country to be awarded for a mixed-use residential and commercial scheme.


Why Comfort Matters


Extensive research has produced our xxx principles – reduced energy bills, natural light, good acoustics and excellent air quality.  People like to be warm in winter, cool in summer, not exposed to excessive noise and to take as much advantage of natural light as possible when indoors. They also appreciate ‘fresh’ air – like the air one enjoys outside.



The Project and Its Awards


On the site of an old abandoned printing works in downtown Trnava, The Green (Zelené) Atrium was built in 2015 using xxx principles. Not only did the development achieve passive house status, but was awarded LEED Platinum status in June 2017, one of only three in Slovakia and the highest scorer.



Good Looking and Well-Designed


The cleverly designed development has hidden parking in the basement for over 60 cars. The low-rise block is built over three floors with a mix of office use and commercial space with a children’s play area included. A green roof terrace with small kitchen and pergola affords a communal ‘party’ space and far-reaching views.


Comfortable Green Living


Inside, the apartments have state-of-the-art passive house attributes.  To improve air quality in conventional homes, one opens a window.  This causes heat loss, especially in winter, and can result in condensation, which encourages mound growth. Our passive home has ventilation units with heat recovery – a far superior way to improve air quality. In the summer, there are outdoor automated window blinds (operated by smart phone) to keep the heat off.  Even the partition walls muffle excess sounds – unlike conventional walls, the passive house walls have no pipes running through, so sound insulation is superb. The Activair soundboards also absorb air volatiles, such as formaldehyde, keeping the air as ‘pure’ as possible.



Xxx  is Money Saving and Sustainable


Apart from the considerable environmental benefits and being pleasant places in which to live, passive house builds allow continuing savings on winter heating, hot water and summer cooling.  It is calculated that the additional cost of buying an apartment on this development, compared to a conventional one, is recouped in less than six years and ongoing cost savings include 84% off fuel bills alone.*


Olivia Greenway

Richmond Copywriting




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