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Page 4 article: Help is on the way

Here’s a hypothetical for you. Imagine there’s a hairdressing salon run by a lady called Pam. She’s terrific at her job but the business is underachieving. That’s understandable, you think. If someone’s a dab hand at cutting hair, it doesn’t follow that they’re great at managing people, finances and marketing.

What Pam needs is guidance. Someone from the outside looking in, armed with strategies to improve the bottom line. With a business coach, she could introduce relatively modest improvements that, taken together, would be transformative. ActionCOACH has more than 3,500 of these strategies and tactics to draw on.

The company, which estimates that at least a million British businesses like Pam’s could benefit from its services, can count on 170 UK-based franchise owners, ranging from ex-beekeepers to military officers. With an eye on the potential market, it reckons it could easily accommodate many more.

For an entry-level investment of £21,000, this home-based management business, available on a part-time or full-time basis, is capable of generating a six-figure income. Indeed, a guaranteed £8,333 a month is possible, subject to terms and conditions. In what you might call the premier league, some coaches have reached monthly turnovers of £70,000 and a net operating profit of 70%.

At this point, it’s natural to wonder what the catch is, so let’s talk about awards for a minute. Smith & Henderson, an independent research firm in the UK, surveys thousands of franchisees every year. In the period from 2013 to 2016, ActionCOACH achieved its 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction status every year, making it one of only five franchises to do so on four occasions.

There was more glory to come at last November’s RBS Best Franchise Awards, when it walked home with the prize for the UK’s Best Mid-Priced Franchise (£25,000-£99,000 investment). This was the third time in a row the company had won the award.

ActionCOACH prides itself on being the number-one business coaching team in the world – it’s been going strong for 24 years, after all – so its entry criteria are strict. It may not demand formal coaching experience but it does ask that candidates possess team spirit, a strong appetite for learning and growth, a desire to help others and evidence of business success.

The most basic entry-level training, ActionPRIMARY (which takes five days online and another five in a classroom) explains, among other things, how to help a business generate and convert leads more effectively, make repeat sales more likely, raise the average value of a sale and boost margins. With the products, services, books and DVDs provided, invaluable advice is never far away.

Three further levels – ActionHYBRID (£33,333), ActionPRACTICE (£41,000) and ActionPREMIUM (£61,000) – offer a variety of rewards and incentives, with the last of these enabling franchise holders to hire two additional coaches.

Five customers can make a coaching venture profitable, according to ActionCOACH. Its client generation centre and initial three-month marketing subsidy are designed to help you find those customers.

Beyond that, its national network of franchise partners, each at different levels of growth and success, provides a ready-made support network, giving a balanced view of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Financial considerations aside, these business coaches play a valuable, fulfilling role, bringing jobs and prosperity to their communities. Bearing in mind the upsides, it’s no surprise that coaching is one of the UK’s fastest-growing professions. So, if you’re pondering a career change, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Do you have what it takes to make a go of it?


Page 7 article: This time it’s personal

As professional mantras go, “another day, another dollar” has to be one of the worst. Clearly, switched-off staff are a drag on the companies they work for. But if you can flip that switch to the ‘on’ position – make them contented, eager and absorbed, every day of their working lives – the resulting transformation will lift profits as well as spirits.

Just last year, Deloitte reported that traditional training techniques were too old and slow for modern business. So, let’s consider a successful, tried-and-tested alternative: Engage & Grow. This 12-week, 12-step program is based on the latest ‘engagement keys’, designed to put a spring in the step of any workforce. Here’s hoping that in time, it will make the ‘daily grind’ an outmoded concept.

Since actions speak louder than words, the weekly group sessions, customised for individuals and organisations alike, encourage genuine, positive changes. There is, Engage & Grow promises on its website, “nowhere to hide”. No pens or paper either, come to that.

The objective is to captivate and entertain while at the same time developing new habits and behaviours. In essence, it’s a practical, rewarding and hopefully long-lasting form of self-improvement, run in-house (or even via video link) and performed in lockstep with each and every colleague.

At present, there are more than 100 Engage & Grow coaches across 74 countries. Their task is to make staff members love what they do – in fact, more than that, to make actively disengaged employees into fully engaged leaders. Other responsibilities, such as getting the most out of millennials and creating a high-energy work environment, help to ensure that the job is never dull.

What’s more, the results speak for themselves. In one testimonial after another, participants talk about how the program brought the team closer, made people more confident, boosted their self-motivation and in some cases, hoisted them out of their comfort zone.

By the time the program is over, it will have strengthened employee engagement by up to 300%; improved productivity from top to bottom; unearthed more leaders, from all levels of the organisation; and, thanks to the growing dedication of staff, helped profits. Not bad for 12 weeks’ activity.

So, what sort of people become licenced coaches? In short, those who share the vision of the Melbourne-based, global company. Professionals who feel frustrated with the current approach to boosting engagement in the workplace – old-fashioned training, in other words – are urged to find out more.

As well as a time-efficient program to add to their professional portfolio, they’ll learn about a growing support network for coaches, a clear progression structure leading up to Mentor Coach (with enhanced recognition and rewards) and opportunities to increase their income with both new and existing clients.

Becoming an Engage & Grow coach means making an investment of £7,800, a sum that covers training and support. This is a good deal cheaper than ActionCOACH – and once they’re up and running, the 75/25 revenue split is in the coach’s favour. In terms of personal satisfaction, here is a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives. The role can be as part-time or as flexible as you wish and one client can more than pay back your initial outlay.

Assuming all goes well, you can wave goodbye to those Monday morning blues. Forget “another day, another dollar”. Play your cards right and your motto will be “glad to be of service” – or better still, “I love my job”.

If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunities Engage & Grow presents, contact XXXX


Page 10 article: Looking to the future

When a business coach feels bold enough to diversify, one option worth considering is a modelling career. A planning and business modelling career, that is.

Being able to predict a company’s financial future is a vital part of ensuring its success. For instance, how much money will it have in the bank each year? Will hiring new staff affect its cashflow? And what sort of impact will buying new machinery, changing premises or adjusting the price of a product have?

ProfitPlus offers answers. Designed to give a bolt-on revenue stream to ActionCOACH franchise partners, it provides clients with essential bookkeeping services, business valuation, business planning, cashflow analysis, profitability analysis and financial monitoring services.

In practice, what this means is that coaches have a way of gaining new clients, offering additional services to existing contacts and attracting old clients back to their coaching business.

In return for an investment of between £1,000 and £3,000 per business, clients attend a split two-day planning workshop. With the help of a business growth specialist, and using a unique brand of software developed by ProfitPlus over the past decade, they can then develop their own five-year plan.

Added to that, the software can convert the plan into a ‘live document’ featuring what-if scenarios, variance analysis and a dashboard of key financial ratios. Armed with this critical information, the client can take steps to keep their venture on the fastest growth path possible in the 12 months that follow.

In fact, a variety of ProfitPlus services and products exist. Specific aims include gauging the health of the business (with tips on enquiry generation, repeat sales, competitiveness and more); giving a helping hand to firms that are in concept, start-up or stagnation; putting together a business plan for the purpose of gaining funding; and bookkeeping for clients that don’t have the in-house staff to process their ongoing accounts.

There are two options for those in the UK who want to contribute. The first – aimed at coaches who have a client that wishes to use the planning system – is to invest in a single plan purchase. Available to be bought online as needed, these are priced at £500 a plan. One way to think of this option is as a starter, giving individual coaches a chance to develop the confidence to upgrade.

Alternatively, they could invest in an exclusive ProfitPlus business franchise to deliver an unlimited number of plans. In this scenario, you’re awarded a dedicated direct marketing territory, covering at least 5,000 employing businesses, for the ProfitPlus franchise. The option costs £1,400 a month, or a royalty of £300 per plan plus a territory fee.

The support shown to franchisees is certainly thorough. It starts with a four-day training program devoted to business ownership, generating leads, signing clients and delivering the programs.

In the 30 days that follow, they will receive a daily phone call, checking that they are focusing on the right activities and developing good business habits.

Once a week, they will get a skills training call from head office, plus a coaching call from an experienced colleague – and once a month, their weekly and monthly key performance indicators will be analysed.

Quarterly reviews, looking at the past 90 days and planning for the 90 to come, keep the franchisee focused and involved.

It’s a role that should appeal to people who enjoy presenting, hosting workshops, working with and guiding teams of people. A background in financial services helps and a passion for helping businesses expand is crucial.

If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunities ProfitPlus presents, contact XXXX


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