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NitNOT Head Lice, Egg Nit Treatment & Combs

Hi, my name is [withheld] and NitNOT is my own business. I’m a Mum of a daughter with beautiful long, thick hair, so dealing with head lice is part of family life. Like many other mums over the years I’ve tried every over-the-counter head lice remedy out there. And like many other mums I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with them.

Which is where the idea for NitNOT came from. I started training, researching and consulting with leading head lice experts around the world. It led to the development of a product that breaks the life cycle of the lice and shuts down infestations quickly. I have been running my head lice clinic since 2017 we use this product daily and have a 100% success rate in clearing heads.

It was vital for me to find a product that actually works and is safe to use, unlike most the head lice treatments that contain irritating and flammable fragrances and harsh chemicals with a long list of side effects. NitNOT hed lice serum is

  • Effective – every day we prove to our customers that our treatment kills 100% of all head lice and eggs.
  • Quick – results can be gained with just two applications. Make sure to follow the instructions. Used properly NitNOT head lice serum is guaranteed to shut down all head lice and eggs. But to ensure you have broken the life cycle it is important to follow up with a second application, in case any eggs were missed. Baby lice are so small that they are very easily missed, so even if you cannot see anything be sure to apply for a second time.
  • Easy – just comb the serum into the hair, leave for 2 hours and wash out. We recommend not massaging the serum in as this will create knots and tangles and give eggs a place to hide.
  • Value for money – an XL 200ml bottle is enough to successfully treat even the longest, thickest hair.

The person providing the treatment should always cover their own hair. Ensure there are no tangles in the hair before treating.

Make sure that 100% of the hair and scalp is covered with the serum. On longer hair comb the serum through with a standard comb to avoid tangles and knots where lice and eggs can lurk.

Leave the serum in for 2 hours then wash out.


Repeat after 7 to 10 days, even if you don’t see anything. This ensures the life cycle will be broken – which means no more lice. There’s plenty in the bottle for a second application.


When washing the serum out I highly recommend washing up liquid! It’s kind to skin and removes the serum quickly. Wet hair, apply, massage and rinse out. It should lather up when clear. Repeat if necessary, then condition as usual.

Check the hair again. Any white eggs in the hair are nits (harmless empty shells).  These will remain in the hair unless combed out, but they offer no danger of further infestation.

Don’t worry if the scalp still itches for a few days after treatment. It’s the saliva in the louse bite that can cause itchy skin. The bites will take a few days to disperse after treatment.

Check the whole family, even if they are not itchy. Only 30% of people are allergic and get an itch from head lice, so it’s always best to screen all heads.

Always wash hairbrushes before and after using the serum. Every family member should have their own hairbrush, sharing brushes is a sure way to spread lice quickly.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions regarding head lice, nits and eggs, or about NitNOT head lice serum.

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