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Article for Right 2 Work magazine

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The Rehab Group of Charities publishes an annual magazine which is distributed to individuals with disabilities keen to break into employment, proactive employers, Rehab's network of services, Job Centres, disability groups, etc. This is a high-quality annual magazine which promotes the benefits of employing people with disabilities. It also gives individuals with disabilities information about potential proactive employers of choice. I researched wrote a series of articles for this edition including 'Living with Dyslexia', 'Benefit Changes and You', 'Living in a Challenging World', and 'Being Upfront about Mental Health'


“Often referred to as a ‘hidden disability’, dyslexia affects around 10 percent of the population. Many people, in addition to the literacy problems that are usually associated with the condition, may find it difficult to concentrate, can struggle with co-ordination or multi-tasking and may experience weak memory.”

This can cause problems in both their personal and professional lives and, if left untreated, could potentially lead to related issues such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence or depression. However, with the right help and support, strategies to overcome difficulties can be learnt and it needn’t be a barrier to achievement – personal or professional…


Living with Dyslexia - Right to Work Magazine